Preparing For The Vision


“Then the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision and engrave it plainly on (clay) tablets so that the one who reads it will run.”

Habakkuk 2:2 (amplified)

If you’ve been under the Word for any period of time, you’ve heard this very familiar scripture before. I can personally attest to hearing it read or quoted often and especially at the beginning of a new year. Here is what I have come to understand about this particular text:

Write the vision was an instruction given to the prophet Habukkuk following a vision that he was given in Habakkuk Chapter 1. He made his concerns known to God (as if God wasn't already aware) about the vision because while he acknowledged the wickedness of that day, he also didn’t want to see his people destroyed by their enemy. Habukkuk must have come to a resolve by Chapter 2, because in verse 1, he decides to wait so that He could receive instruction from God. This is where we find our anchor scripture.

The vision that Habukkuk was instructed to write was a warning of what was to come but we can look to Habukkuk 2: 1-3 for guidance as it pertains to Vision this year and for years to come:


1.Pray (v1-2a)

Habakkuk waited to hear from God and God answered. We must pray. Habakkuk was involved in an active conversation with God.  A conversation is two-way communication so let’s be mindful to listen as much as we talk during our prayer time.


2. Plan and Prepare (v2b)

Habakkuk was instructed to write the vision clearly on a tablet. He was instructed to do this so that whoever read the tablet with the vision written on it would be able to read it and run with it. From a practical standpoint, I know that I have underestimated the importance of planning. Planning and preparation go hand-in-hand.


3. If we are unprepared, we won’t be in a position to Run at the Appointed Time ( v3)

“For the Vision is yet for the appointed (future) time. It hurries toward the goal (of fulfillment); it will not fail . Even though it delays, wait (patiently) for it, because it will certainly come; it will not delay.”

A God-given vision will come to pass in God’s timing. Prayer, planning and preparation are the steps that we should take consistently this year until we reach our appointed time!