Weekly Devotionals

  • God Is Able

    “The God whom we worship is not a weak and incompetent God. He is able to beat back gigantic waves of opposition and to bring low prodigious mounta...
  • A Prayer For Boldness

    Father God in the Name of Jesus, we come to you now thanking you for being good We thank you that you are in control of our lives  We thank you for...
  • Live Bold

    Learning to Live Bold is a process. This week's devotional includes a free resource to help you speak God's Promises over your life.
  • Lesson 1: Live Bold, Beautiful & Brilliant

    Live Bold, Beautiful & Brilliant!   Sounds empowering right? I’m glad you think so. I do too but when I reflect on my path in life and the man...
  • Leading By Example

    Danielle hopes to Lead By Example through Affirm U