Meet Danielle, Lead Learner at Affirm U

Danielle is a  self proclaimed “Everyday Woman. Like many everyday women, she wears multiple hats. The hats on her priority list include: Believer in Jesus Christ, Wife, Mother, Educator, Daughter, Sister, and Friend.
Danielle has a desire to see other women excel in life. She has personal experience with life’s test and believes in being transparent about the test that she’s passed with flying colors and those that ended in complete failure. She has learned to view failure as a gateway to learn, grow, and create new opportunities or solutions. 
The concept of Affirm U is directly linked to her lived experience as an Educator of 16 years as well as her love of learning which isn’t limited to academia. For the past few years Danielle has stepped out of her comfort zone to become a content creator through the Ford Girls Blog.  
Realizing the need for more representation for the demographic of women who are  “becoming” while managing day-to-day experiences, Danielle decided it was time to create a learning community that would be affirming, informative, practical, and relatable. Ultimately she hopes to serve as an example for other women to see that learning can only lead to growth. In her world, class is always in session!